Crown Fighting Championship II
Submitted by Marco Perez on March 7, 2005
Saturday - March 26th, 2005 in Rosarito Beach, Mexico

“Spring Break weekend to be ignited by CFC's sensational mixed martial arts fight card at the "Corona Plaza Hotel" open air facility in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. The action packed weekend program, spanning both Friday 25th. and Saturday 26th, includes a special concert by "The Kottonmouth Kings" prior to the fights.

Card features participating fighters out of top renowned teams as:

Chris Brennan's Next Generation, Todd Medina's Fight School, Miletich / Mike & Nunn's Team, Charlie Valencia's Freestyle Fighting, Rick Lucero's FightworX, La Raza MMA / Machado's BJJ, Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu / Chute Boxe Team USA, Costello's American Freestyle Fighting, SD Team De Fiant, American Top Team, Guardado's Kick Boxing & MMA, Academia Defensa Total, Lozano's Vale Todo, and Mexico MMA.

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Manuel Villegas vs Billy “Kill Bill” Seal

Mike Corey vs Sheldon Kim

Dave Mays vs Joel Luis

Andrew Sanchez vs Magnus Albertson

Eric Victor vs Joey Alvarado

Tony Garcia vs Armando Sanchez

Stacy Hakes vs Luis Eduardo Munguia

Lonnie Wright vs Mike Lindquist

Chuck Costello vs Hector Figueroa